Drugs or alcohol, still within your system, may impair work performance, creating an unsafe environment for you and any everyone else at work. This can lead to delayed reaction time, impaired coordination, issues with memory and other cognitive functions, and decrease the ability to concentrate and communicate. In some cases alcohol consumption may lead to an increased likelihood of violent or aggressive behaviour. Regular heavy consumption of drugs & alcohol can lead to a range of psychological, social and medical problems, and is associated with poor work performance and attendance. Alcohol dependence is also likely to lead to deterioration of skills and interpersonal difficulties.

Disciplinary measures will be taken if you come to work with alcohol or drugs in your system.

Control Measure

When you are engaged by SPS, we review our Policy & Code of Conduct relating to drugs & alcohol with you. Our stance is quite simple with zero tolerance, there must be no drugs or alcohol on site, and you must not have neither of these in your system. This is also the policy of many of our clients. In fact, some of our client regularly spot-check their employees and subcontractors (meaning us), by on site drug screening tests. If you fail this, you will be stood down pending a confirmatory test done within a laboratory. If you then fail this confirmatory test, you will face disciplinary measures, which may include termination.
All employees who return positive tests shall be managed with sensitivity, respect and confidentiality.

Note: If you are required to take medication that falls under this umbrella then you must notify your Area Manager to ensure you can continue to work on site.

SPS Code of Conduct (Extract)

1. Acceptable Behaviours and Responsibilities….
NOT work intoxicated or under the influence of controlled or illegal substances. Please be aware that SPS has a zero-tolerance policy on drug and alcohol use in the workplace. At some worksites, you may also be required to participate in random drug and alcohol testing. A breach of SPS’s policy in relation to these matters may result in instant dismissal.

What happens if there is a Breach?
If there is a breach of conduct, then the appropriate disciplinary actions will be applied, and the employee’s performance will be monitored to ensure that the behaviour does not occur again. In severe cases, the behaviour may result in instant dismissal whereby the manager considers the behaviour as gross misconduct.

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